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Meadowia is a website dedicated to teaching enthusiastic nature lovers through immense amounts of meadows-related guides.

With over ten years of personal exploration, Katie decided to share her knowledge on various topics, and she is fully committed to that cause.

Meet Katie Piercy

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Katie Piercy has worked in the conservation industry for over a decade and has had a wide-ranging and varied career. She has spent time working in a number of different environments and with a range of different animals. Her roles in the UK have included rearing and releasing corncrake (Crex crex) chicks in the Nene Washes, a seasonally flooded area of wet meadows, chasing hen harriers (Circus cyaneus) in the Scottish Uplands and restoring areas of peatland in the West Midlands. As well as working across her native country Katie has also spent a lot of time working and volunteering abroad. Whether swinging from trees to count macaws in Peru, surveying freshwater springs in Germany, or raising endangered kiwi (Apteryx australis) chicks in New Zealand, Katie has gained a wide range of experience throughout these various roles.

Meadows have always been a fascinating and enchanting place, and her roles have often involved giving advice on or helping to manage these habitats. On Cricklade floodplain meadows in Wiltshire, Katie helped survey the rare and beautiful snake’s head fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris), which is thriving in this area due to careful conservation management. In Norfolk, she helped survey butterfly species on lowland hay meadows within local nature reserves. And even within her own household, Katie has created a miniature meadow in her front garden, aimed at encouraging wild bees and other vital pollinators.

As part of her various roles, Katie has often helped to communicate the benefits of nature diverse audiences, giving guided walks to school children, attending naturalist meetings to give talks, and writing for magazines, blogs, and websites. She enjoys the chance to share her excitement about the natural world with other people, from amateur enthusiasts to members of the scientific community.

You can also find me on Medium, where I write about my other conservation projects –